Oh – this is my second day having my pinterest rant! So now it is starting to live up to the big D word – that being “DAILY”….

I realized today – while having a bit of a yesterdays post check-up that I bragged a bit – by saying “here are my ten pinterest favorites of today” – like I would have the ability to restrain my self to only 10 images. Well it ended up being 19 of them – so today I am not going to give a limit to images. Or maybe I will – but I wont tell you! Ah I am such a mystery to the world.

Well here goes – my unconstrained by numbers monday pinterest rant – and it is all for you!

Pinned Image

When it comes to this room I mostly like the mix between the complete paleness of white and the dark wood. But if you let your eye wander to the back there is also one pretty awesome creature in light blue overalls – a tad bit on the creepy side but could also be a cool addition to the family.

Pinned Image

It might do with some color? Or not! I want the skull from the birds perspective on my wall.

Pinned Image

Ok – I can be a romantic to – sometimes. This is romantic – I can read the signs. Rain, misty, light, holding hands and the most obvious one ever – one foot leaving the ground in sheer lovers joy!

Pinned Image

There is so much to like in this one. For those who don’t see it – let me put it out there – the huge globe (blue and black), the pinkness in the background (seems like you are going off to a completely different house inhabited by some different creatures), the black wooden floor, the tiny piece of framed goodness connecting the room with what lies beyond… I’ll leave it at that – if you still don’t like it I give up!

Pinned Image

Cold paper chocolate anyone? I say yes please!

Pinned Image

A line of chairs – as simple as that.

Pinned Image

One of my favorite men ever – Alber Elbaz. . . I love his designs, his style, his undying charm, his perfectly plump shape! So putting a portrait of him on my wall.

Pinned Image

“The painted ceiling – really it is – pretty cool – yes indeed – oh my.” My inside-my-head conversation when I came across this image.

Pinned Image

I am not the most demanding person I know – but I wouldn’t mind demanding this Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag for my upcoming birthday. I might just have to demand it from myself. . . Btw – just look at how well this bag goes with the picture before it – the ceiling.

Pinned Image

Some words of wisdom to pull it all together – I so wont remember this tomorrow. Note to self: go back and read this in the days to follow.

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Ok – just have to state this. Today I was not putting any restraints on my rant choices – and look what happened! I ended up with ten images. I go against my own logic – I do not know if I am supposed to like this or not. . . I’ll leave it blank.




  1. Erica Preo

    Excellent choices! I say keep the rants coming (if you want) because they are wonderful! If you mean the top image with the semi-creepy thing, do you mean the little scary Yoshitomo Nara? I love his work, yes it’s kind of creepy. I’m doing a post on him soon, well focusing on his giant white dogs, of course! Anyway, thanks for gathering these nice things and sharing them. Refreshing, since I’ve been working on a :-/ project today…

    • designtrolls

      Thank you for the comment – and thank you! I didn’t see it was Yoshitomo Nara – and actually one I love as well hahahaha. Quite the eye opener. Just so you know – I am keeping the rants – they are quite entertaining to put together as well πŸ™‚

  2. Jeni Johnson

    I’m very amused by your post and baby bluster. πŸ™‚ great images…So when is your Birthday? Are you a libra too?

    • designtrolls

      Good to know I am an amusement . . . My birthday is on the 15th of November – so to say it is right around the corner is a bit of a reach – but I am what you could call an optimist – so to me it is not far away. That makes me a scorpio πŸ˜‰ a crazy one in other words – or dispicable. I feel that is the main reference I find to the scorpio sign. . . Vengeful and dispicable

      • Jeni Johnson

        You are my kind of Gal! πŸ™‚ If I forget your birthday…. Happy Celebration of your Life and Happy Birthday. Scorpions are very passionate and a bit feisty…..keeping things exciting! πŸ™‚

      • designtrolls

        Well my life is not lacking excitement at least. . . Just the way I like it. I cant wait to celebrate my birthday. . . Might just have a pre-birthday-party on the 15 – only two months prior to the real date.

  3. Jeni Johnson

    You should start doing what my Hisband suggested, celebrating half birthdays! His just passed and yes, I did get him a gift! πŸ™‚

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