This will start of a bit weird. I was looking for some new cases for my new phone today – and I came across this gorgeous little thing with pink flamingos on it from Ted Baker. It was only for Iphone – and since I am sporting Samsung it was not a match made in heaven. I even considered shedding a tear or two over it – not a problem since I have caught some sort of cold – so I am naturally shedding tears and snot all over the place – I know over sharing. . . So instead I ended up getting something grey for my phone – but the flamingos stuck with me – all through the day. I am not joking – as my day passed on pink flamingos popped up in my head – washing my hands – oh pink flamingo – eating some Thai – oh pink flamingo… You catch my drift. So I realized I need some pink flamingos in my life – I must mention that I do have a bunch of pink flamingos as the background on my phone – which could play a part in my random pop up flamingo thoughts. I have decided that I want flamingos on the wall. I am not thinking pink flamingo madness – but I want at least one lovely flamingo something on the wall. Here is the stuff I have gathered to keep my inspiration juices flowing the flamingo way.





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