Today it is Tuesday – which means I have been carrying my ranting torch for three days straight. I was considering to make this a more focused thing – by focused I mean putting all focus on certain aspects/things/styles etc. but I scrapped it! This is how my inspiration work – thousands of impulses at once – no sense of direction at all. Take it or leave it – oh dramatic side please come through!

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Goldie me here and Goldie me there – I do love this photo – even if there is a dead bird trying to make a run for freedom in the corner.

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This man defines “too cool for school”. . . I wish I was as cool as him.

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The lamp, those chairs, the rug, the dark wall. . . Oh go on – perfection!

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I agree! Not only do I agree – I want this on my wall. Well – I’ll learn to live without it – if I hung everything I wanted on my walls there would be no more wall left – just art on top of crap on top of art (repeat until no more wall is showing).

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This gives me two sensations:

Number 1 – I want to store my makeup in something pretty as I carry it around with me. Number 2 – I really want to travel again!

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I want a bookshelf full of books with a fancy little ladder I can smugly stand on when I have guests over. Not only will I look like a smart person on the look out for the next book to dive into but I will be above everyone else (at least physically) – and showing my behind (I am an all skirts kinda girl).

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Ok this is like the inside of my head – just saying – and since I love my inner workings and my inner life I do adore this beautiful representation of it. Weirdness all over the place.

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Just one that shows how beauty is found in randomness. . .

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I kinda feel like this dress from Kelly Wearstler is made for me! I wouldn’t mind the space around it as well.

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Another bedroom I wouldn’t mind sleeping in. . . To be honest I would probably be found snuggled up on that black sheepskin there. . . If it is a sheep – a huge ass sheep!

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If this is true – I am a mix of everything – from indie chick to classic lady – I like to think it is true.

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Give me the box of goodness – give me the partly neon planters – give me the chillies and the herbs – give me the booze!

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Another gorgeous restaurant – today I do not know what the place is called or where it is at. So if anyone knows please do tell!

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Our next baby will most likely come in the form of a frenchie – and I will high-five it every day!

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Lights on anyone?

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I really just want that lamp.

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This skirt from Creatures of the Wind RTW Spring 2013 collection is on my crave list – as well as on my “hunt-it-down-for-less” list!

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Why fight over the office space when you can share it? I came across this today (obviously) – and I feel like I have found my perfect work space – if only I had the space for this space!

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There you go – my beautiful inspiration mess on this Tuesday night. . .




  1. Jeni Johnson

    I love the irony on the neon sign, the picture could have shown the words with its brights on…very cool I thought. Yes, frenchies are just as adorable as Pugs! Also the library was always something I wanted, then slowly over the years our collection dwindled because I couldn’t tolerate the cluttered look (even though they were well organized by color) Strange I know. So with the books I have left, I’ve turned them over so that only the pages show giving me the monochromatic look I prefer. I posted about it back in June (backward frills) you’ve got to check it out and let me know if I’m crazy…anyway, great find on the comfy bedroom. With the cold weather encroaching I could sure use lots of fuzzier blankets and furry throws. Great post dear Blogger…you always know how to pick ’em.

    • designtrolls

      Wow – thank you for the essay of a comment – I’m digging it. Im going to check out the post if I can find it – hunting is my game so I guess it will be easy. I have a thing for mess though – as long as it is a beautiful mess – and books are part of a beautiful mess. Ps I need a frenchie!

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