So here goes – it’s already friday – the weekend is here! Today I’ve spent the day relaxing – desperately trying to get rid of my cold so I can go out tomorrow. It doesn’t seem like there’s any hope of that happening though. Wake up everyday with no voice – lovely! To cheer my self up I went out walking and ended up at a second-hand shop not far from my home. Ended up doing some retail therapy – not very unusual when I feel sorry for myself and my rather mediocre issues – like not being able to go out tomorrow night. Got a fantastic ombre tea-pot and a blue and metal pear “box” – will bring you pictures as soon as possible. I also got the journal I was talking about the other day – so tonight I’ll scribble my first sentences in it. Oh and I had a feeble attempt at organizing my bathroom and home in general – ended with a huge sigh and a clownish frown – I need more boxes – and more great ideas of how to fix stuff. Well – that’s it for what went down today – now over to the goods from the world of pinterest. Here is todays rather unorganized (like my home and life) collection of inspiration.

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I love what is happening on that wall. . . Want it to happen all over my wall. . .

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I am going to do something about my “too-white-walls” issue – I am gonna get my tape out, turn my printer on, get some stuff up… Oh and look at the crazy pink table – that’s what you call a pop of color!

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Another pop of color – Oscar de la Renta hair. . . I want to wear my hair like this, just need to figure out how to do hair first…

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WINDOWS! I’m just saying…

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Black and white art on wall craze!

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The daily frenchie – this time in a basket.

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I feel like it is all about what I see on walls today – that’s what I am loving about this one as well. . . Wall addict!

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A golden hippo? I say yes to that.

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White cork board – that is going straight to the top of my “I want it so bad” list

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What I want in my tummy right this second.

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More inspiration scattered on a wall – I am in love.

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At the end of it all – some words to live by… My life is not perfect – but it is pretty damn wonderful, that’s for sure! They could have dropped the extra L at the end of wonderful – but hey – maybe it’s their hint to imperfection in life – if you read too much into it.

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