Today has been all about taking it easy – even if it is the weekend. I’ve still got a cold, so decided that the grown up thing to do would be stay in and cook a lovely meal. Here is the result…

For the starter I made a roasted tomato and garlic soup – with just the right amount of chilli in it to smack the cold out of me.

And here is the main course, pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and fried chanterelle… Combined it with some red pesto, mozzarella and black olives. Best thing I’ve thrown together in a long vile.

Now – here is the collection of inspiration gathered throughout the day:

Pinned Image

Black wishbone chair – I love it and I wish it was part of my home.

Pinned Image

I really love the black on the stool – I wish I had the guts to try it out on my own furniture. And the huge bulb, crave that to.

Pinned Image

Another perfect bathroom – I am totally in love with those tiles.

There is a monkey hanging there. . .

Pinned Image

The cat in the bag!

Pinned Image

It’s a bit much going on in this one for my taste – but those colored tables are perfect. They would fit right into my bedroom – which is in dire need of a facelift.

Pinned Image

Cake anyone?

Pinned Image

Comfy yet good-looking couch + amazing cushion collection = my love

Pinned Image

This picture is mesmerizing to me. It is beautiful and scary as hell at the same time.

Pinned Image

Love the pug, love the prints, love the wishbone chair, love the B. . .

Pinned Image

The perfect inspiration wall + the perfect chair + the perfect black sheepskin

Pinned Image

I wish this was my home – as easy as that!

Pinned Image

I am putting these lips on my wall. . .

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