I am a big fan of books – and I am now done with my studies, so now I can focus on reading for pure enjoyment. When I was a student I mostly ended up getting a lump in my stomach every time I focused my reading time on anything but uni work, a tiny voice in my head going “Oh dear – shouldn’t you be focusing on your law? Or maybe some psychology?”… Now I have graduated – I am a working person – I have time off – and it is time TOTALLY off! I can read again!  And I would love a reading nook or as I call it a book nook in my flat. To me books play an important part. I grew up in a house filled with books – my father is a book man – and I am following in his footsteps (besides the man part)… I started reading before I started school, and I would spend hours loosing myself in all these different worlds. I feel like it expanded my knowledge and my imagination, and I am so grateful to my parents for surrounding me with books from the start of my life. It is something I will carry on if I have children of my own, I used to read out loud to my horses – so I’ve had some training hehe. Here’s what I would like in my book nook…

1. Comfy seating… My tush needs comfort!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

2. Throws and other goodness to keep me warm and comfortable all through the year.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

3. An array of great books…

Pinned Image

The perfect book wall? I think it is pretty close…

Pinned Image

This would work in my flat – but it wouldn’t give enough space for books I love… Unfortunately.

Pinned Image

I love these shelves. . . Need more space between my floor and my ceiling though.

4. A lovely side-table to hold my tea and my glasses…

Pinned Image

These are pretty close to perfect.

Pinned Image

Put some books on and in it.

Pinned Image

I would adore this yellow side-table from HAY.

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Well that is my book nook dreaming for you . . . I’ll just keep dreaming til I come across something to kickstart me into book heaven!



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