Ok – today I had my first driving lesson ever. . . Not only was it my first driving lesson – it was literally the first time I ever drove a car. I know it might sound a bit weird coming from someone at the age of 26 – but I have never had a need for it before. I can’t remember the last time I was this freaked out about someone to do. It ended up going pretty well – a bit too well if you ask me – I had to leave the safety of the parking lot and get out on the trafficked road. I do not enjoy busses passing me when I am on a narrow sidewalk – and suddenly I was in the road and they were passing me – no one ever told me it feels like cars passing you are heading straight for your car. . . I have decided that my love for tiny cars can still stay strong, I do not want a car bigger than a Fiat – just saying! It does feel pretty good to come home and be able to sit down and focus on some inspiration instead of driving about. . . So here is todays collection of goodness.

Needs to go on my wall. . . Love your minerals!

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I am craving robes – I am constantly on the lookout for some beautiful silky robes. . . Just seems like the perfect item of clothing to wear around the house. . . It really needs a great print, just thinking about how lovely it would be to have a couple lovely robes hanging on my bedroom wall – ready for use. . .

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Lovely work space – love the collection of cactuses.

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Adore this kitchen, love the black floor, the butcher-like-tiles, the plates. . .

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Some crazy blue Burberry anyone? I would wear it.

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Lovely wooden floors and some framed goodness – I am pleased.

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The season is right – I want my leather skirt!

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Perfect entryway – once again drooling over amazing tiles – happens on a daily basis…

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I really want to! I need to make myself an address book though.

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Scene from The English Patient – romantic moment. I need to wear more beautiful dresses – and dance with dapper men.

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Life in black and white – loving the collection of black and white art on the wall.

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I really adore pink hair – wish I had the balls to go for it myself. . .

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Black and white bedding? I say yes! Does anyone know where I can get this?

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A collection of goodness + a book about Blair.

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My favorite animal in the entire world – the panda – and this image really explains why!

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  1. Jeni Johnson

    I kid you not, The English Patient is my favourite movie of all time then comes Legends of the Fall. Yes, that pink mineral is stunning! Ive always wanted a large mineral piece for decor.

    • designtrolls

      Me to. . . The mineral bit – I’ve got a collection of tiny gorgeous stones I picked up at a tiny shop in Cinque Terre, Italy. . . But I would love a huge mineral piece, if not I would adore a print to hang on my wall. Really in dire need of some good art on my wall soon. . .

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