Went driving again today. . . Still freaking out – completely – and today I had to go straight into traffic. . . For a person who had her first encounter with driving a car yesterday that is quite a good reason to freak out. My plan is to have my licence as soon as possible – I am thinking not long after christmas! Stress level 100… Just like yesterday – sitting down and letting myself loose it in inspiration is a pretty amazing thing. Here is todays tiny collection of goodness.

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One of my all time favorites – a simple grey tee meets jewels. My kinda style.

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Floating at Sukha Amsterdam – I am in love!

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For the kitchen. . . Wire away!

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For the feet… I need some good new flats – oh and some good new boots – and, and, and…

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Woodcuts – a book of my liking? Maybe – yes…

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Cutting boards – more for the kitchen. . . I really do love a well done kitchen.

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I really do want/need a tub with a view! But then again – who doesn’t?

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Lovely photo – lovely body – want it – so gorgeous and romantic, frills and all.

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I wish I had a fire-place to display my beloved clutter on…

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Relaxation taken to the next level…

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I wish I was one of those people who could keep my beauty items so organized and so display ready at the same time. Too good to be true! If I did this – it would look good for up to 24 hours – depending on the need of makeup during those hours.

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Different shades of grey – I’m on it!

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Love this bookshelf – and mixed with the crazy wallpaper it is just a hint away from crazy!

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Doing floral prints just the right way is quite the job – this is perfect!

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  1. Jeni Johnson

    I can’t stand all your awesome finds, it makes go crazy wanting to change everything around and display my favorites!!!! Agh! Keep it up, I love feeling the envy!

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