It is Wednesday already. . . Tomorrow I’m leaving for work – so it might be some postless days ahead. Today I am a bit over time as well, so it is almost Thursday – well it is still Wednesday in my head. Today was spent looking through magazines, walking about the city with the dogs (got my sisters dog these days as well as my own little creature) and we ended it all with the last batman film. I know I am a bit late with that one, but every single time I’ve planned on going to the cinema for it something else has come up – finally made it happen! Ever heard the saying – the one who waits for something good does not wait forever? Well I feel that one is pretty fitting for my Batman situation. Anyways, thought I’d start of today with some pictures about the two vintage items I picked up the other day – the pear canister and the ombre tea-pot – before I crack on the inspiration of the day…

This is the pear canister. . . I actually think it used to be a pretty amazing ash tray – but since neither me nor H smokes – it needs a new use…. And I have no idea what to put in it – anyone got a brilliant idea?

And here it is – the amazing ombre tea-pot! I am absolutely in love with this  – it has already been of good use in our tea loving abode.Pinned Image

Why! I come across too much brilliant home office inspiration – it is almost scary – but scary in the best kind of way. I really do need a work space – and I want it to look a lot like this! Loving the framed fox print on the floor, anyone know where I can get my hand on it?

Pinned Image

I wish I lived somewhere I could take my night-walks on a sandy beach and end up with lovely images like this.

Pinned Image

I love this “vault” – that’s what I call the wardrobe. . . Priced possessions need a vault you know.

Pinned Image

Why not wear a bunny mask when you read? Oh how Donnie Darko of you!

Pinned Image

Loving this space – it gives me a feeling of uncertainty that I really like – feels like you might end up falling down stairs at any moment… Living on the edge!

Pinned Image

Great invitations by Kelli Murray…  Love the tiny feathers on a string…

Pinned Image

This kitchen is simply brilliant – can’t get over the white on the black with the white floors. . . Oh and then the black and white art on the white wall – yes I do like my black on white – and white on white!

Pinned Image

Don’t know what gets me the most – the amazing lamps or the great collection of gorgeous chairs? I’d go for both if I could.

Pinned Image

What a great way to display your favorite cups and at the same time make some space in your cupboards – I know I desperately need to make some space in mine…

Pinned Image

From cups to what to put in cups – I am ready for hot chocolate autumn!

Pinned Image

A beautifully detailed home in deed – even though I do not agree on the cushion. . . I do agree on everything going on in the back though – that has to make for something!

Pinned Image

Great branding from Oh! Fox Vintage. . . I do love the fox!

Pinned Image

More kitchen drooling – black, white and wood – what a great combo.

Pinned Image

Why not bring the moon into the bedroom? You can have a full moon all year-long!

Pinned Image

I need a lush place to flush – with lots of space – this seems pretty perfect.

Pinned Image

To end it all – the perfect advent calendar. . . I know it is a bit early – but I came over it today – seen it before – then forgot it – then there it was again – so I am not letting it go! Gonna make one of these for december… Fill it with goods and enjoy it all!

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