Todays collection of goodness is all about the things I want. . . So today I have actually given the collection some sense of direction. . . At the same time I am having a bit of an identity crisis – I am looking for bits and bobs to add to my blog – but I am at a loss of ideas! Is there anything special you miss or want more of? I will give it!

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I want to avoid the cold and the rain – say NOT TODAY – and hide in bed!

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I want to plaster my inspiration on my wall – I know I’ve started – it just needs a refill now and then.

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I want a headpiece straight off the Philip Treacy runway. . . These ears would be amazing to shoot!

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I want to make and eat more soup. . . I am a lover of soup – am I too lazy to chew?

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I want to tip toe over harlequin floors… Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

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I want to know how to work my hair – it is part of my “be more feminine” plan…

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I want to figure out what my inner voice is on about…

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I want to go more to the cinema – and yes – this is how I rock it at the cinema!

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I want to figure out how I can make a good work place for myself at home – I am in dire need of it! I need my space to do my own thing – oh how teenager of me!

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I need to read more books! That is not just a want thing – that is a need – I can feel it in my bones…

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I want to get back to sketching. . . It’s been too long since I spent hours with nothing but myself some paper and some pencils. That is what I call therapy.

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I want to travel – I want to wake up on a beach like this without a worry!

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I want to swim – and I wouldn’t mind swimming with this lot right here! I managed to shove some frenchie in here today as well.

Versace backstage, early 90's. Carla Bruni

I want to share this treat with you – this picture makes me laugh – back to the 90s! Carla Bruni – backstage at Versace. What a treat! Fit the model, light her cigarette, send her off…

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  1. Jeni Johnson

    Okay so when is that frenchie making its way in your home? Which color is your fav? I love a B&W room, I cant get enough and hope it gets filled with more B&W with pops of yellow! Im up early this morning, you’ve inspired me to thumb thru my mags and pin up some inspiration on my DIY cork boards….

    • designtrolls

      I do not know when we will get the honor of adding a frenchie to our family, need time off to raise the critter as well – my favorite is def. a white and black frenchie – so that is what i will be hunting for. Get your inspiration up! I am actually amazed at how much better I feel about my bedroom after throwing some inspiration on the wall – weird that it takes so little to change the feeling of space. I’ll stick to my black and white guns, makes me happy – and I will do some more on pops of color, I do struggle a bit on how to add it to my own home without it being a tad overdone or overpowering. . . Thank you for the comment – you are always a joy to get comments from 🙂

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