I know I have been on this one before – great work spaces at home. But it really sticks to me – it is the most important change I want to do in my home. I desperately need a work space here. . . I just do not know how to fit it in – but I need to make it work.  Right now my entire home is filled to the top with all the stuff I should be organizing in my work space. I’ve got sketch books and journals all over the house, pens and pencils scattered about, my camera and its lens friends are not connected. . . Most of my work (at home) is done in the sofa or the bed – my back is hating me… I’ve collected some inspiration – and some must for my work space – and some of it is right here.

I want my workspace to be simplistic and inspiring. I love the hands – I feel like they are pretty close to a must right now.

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I love the use of hangers as magazine holders – great way to keep the magazines I have to read away from the floor and the magazine piles around the house.

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This space is pretty close to perfect – but I am feeling a bit angsty about the floor – it looks like a wall-to-wall carpet… I am not a wall-to-wall carpet kinda girl… Reminds me of a horrible toilet in a Oxford cabin – no more words needed.

@Rachel Martino

I want cool stationary – I want to get back to writing letters/notes/words of goodness to the people I love. Much more charming than an email or a text.

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I want the wall in my work space to be my mood board… Sit down – get inspired – work!

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I feel like every home needs Uten.Silo – especially every home I inhabit! I want the white one – of course – and it has a 6-8 week wait – and costs over 200 quid… My student mentality is telling me “200 quid for plastic storage – really?” – my I-want-it mentality is telling me “go ahead – look at it – it is perfect – it would make your space better – it is sexy – you deserve it”… Then there is the mentality in the middle – which tells me to wait till I can actually truly defend the purchase. Crossing my fingers I won’t have to wait too long for it.

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I would love a work space that could fit both me and the H – because I know we would be fighting over the space… We would be doing our best to be the “first-one-up” in the morning to claim the work space. Since we are both somewhat workaholics – I know – amazing trait to share…

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I want some nice stamp sets – just because I would love to use stamps again – haven’t used one since primary school! And there are so many good stamps out there – that deserve a good home – and someone to care for them and use them… They do deserve to live with me.

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Loving the desk, loving the books, loving the wall – loving BODIE and FOU

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I want storage space! I love a bit of creative mess – and I do love to display the things that inspire me – but I do hate unconstructive mess – and certain things I just don’t want to see on a daily basis… I need storage space – it is not a want – it is a must.

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If we had an entire room to set aside as work space – I wouldn’t mind making space for a drawing table for the H. I love looking at his hand drawn sketches – architecture amazes me – and I would actually love to frame some of his sketches. We will just have to see if he would let me…

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