Summer is long gone, the leaves are colorful and making their way towards the ground, the temperature is quickly sinking towards freezing point – winter is just around the corner and all I want to do is sit down in front of a fire. I have so many good winter memories from my childhood – being outside in the snow during the day – running wild with the horses – then spending the evening in front of the fireplace playing cards with my family. Right now we do not have a fireplace in our apartment – but it is at the top of my “must-have-list” for when we either decide to buy a place or build a place… Here is my well hoarded collection of fireplace inspiration – oh how I wish I could get one in our apartment straight away!

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Simplistic? I could live with that.

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Storage and display + a brilliant fireplace in the middle… Perfectly modern, perfectly cozy.

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This is so perfect – that tree trunk table kills me – or to be correct, it kills me that it is not in my home.

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Perfectly Scandinavian!

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This kinda reminds me of my apartment in Oslo – just a mine was a tad bit more run down. I had quite the love affair going on with the old fireplaces in that flat – we had three of them – and this image brings back the right amount of good fireplace memories.

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A fireplace is also a good place to store antlers – for those of you who did not know!

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Black fireplace? I think I will have to say yes to that – the tiles on the floor on the other hand is a big no-no, reminds me of the old tiles in our bathroom… This is not the kind of fireplace I would put in my bathroom so that is not the connection I was looking for… But I would like a fireplace in a bathroom – if it came with a big old tub for me to soak in!

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Single-log-fireplace… I will be your log lady!

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Use a fireplace as storage space…

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A fireplace in the diningroom – oh jess – I would like that.

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Perfect – logs under the fireplace – logs on the table.

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I love a concrete fireplace – and I do love the seating options… General love happening.

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Nothing more than the word PERFECTION needed here.

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I will end it all with this piece of vintage feel goodness…

I just came to the realization that I want a fireplace in every room in my home – or at least the livingroom, diningroom, kitchen and bathroom… The hallway and the bedroom can be without, smokey bedroom is not on the top of my list…

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  1. lulu

    For the last couple of weeks I’ve been starting my day in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee and iPad in hand. You can’t beat it! BTW, your images are terrific.

    • designtrolls

      Oh thank you for the compliment – and I am getting a certain feeling of envy! Dreaming of the time when I can get down in front of the fireplace after a long day of work and hassle… Complete relaxation!

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