I am a great fan of seasons – and the changing of seasons. It has some sort of ritual to it – or at least for me it do – every season has got its own set of songs that re-occur on my iPod and its own set of memories that jump at me. Autumn is by far my favorite season, the vibrant colours, the melancholy lurking around every corner, the crisp air and the heavy rain… So today I thought I would embrace to autumn before it runs away with the falling of the first snow – and I’ll embrace it by sharing some of my favorite autumn tunes and a collection of autumn inspiration images.

Let’s start with three tunes:

Then some lovely images that represents all some of my favorite autumn things:

Pinned Image

Taking in the amazing colours…

Pinned Image

Watching the rain…

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Watching people run around with umbrellas…

Pinned Image

Wearing wool and painting nails dark…

Pinned Image

Watching the leaves fall…

Pinned Image

Time to pull the legs up under oneself and cuddle up in a huge throw… Cozy up!

Pinned Image

The holiday season is drawing nearer so it is time to start planning the decorations – maybe gather some friends for a little holiday workshop!

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