Finally! It will be mine – after months of hunting and endless waiting…

I have finally put in an order for one of my favorite Andy Warhol quote posters. I have been on the hunt for this poster for months. First of all I checked out the modern museum in Stockholm – they did not sell it via their online shop – so then I had a choice; fly to Stockholm – buy the poster – fly back OR go on a bananas hunt on the internet. I chose the latter – since I did not find enough reasons for taking a trip to Stockholm besides the obvious one of getting a poster… Then after hours of hunting online – I came across a blog – unfortunately this is so long ago I do not remember which blog – but that is not the point! This girl had found an online shop in Japan that sold the posters – I almost ended up weeing my pants at the idea of finally reaching my goal – the poster! Β I rummaged through the online shop just to realize they were all sold out – in desperation I sent them a pleading email asking them to restock… I didn’t hear from them – and my obsession slowly died – until today… They got back to me – and they have restocked – and I have sent in my order – and I just might wee my pants… I must admit I almost ended up putting in an order for all four posters – but after some heavy breathing – I decided on the “I like boring things…” one (H put his foot down). I will be waiting by the mailbox for the next couple of weeks – can’t wait to hang it on my empty walls – just need to decide on a good place to hang it – oh the joy!

Here is some inspiration to keep my obsession going:

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Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

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  1. Ilse

    Would you recommend the website to me to order this poster? Can I ask you how much you paid in total?


    • designtrolls

      I think I left the link to the site on the post – or didn’t I? Had to get a new laptop you see – so I havent saved the adress on this new one just yet – but if it is not there I can always give it a search for you πŸ˜‰ The price all together ended at around 50-80 quid – don’t remember exactly how much – because it is different postage costs to each country – and I think I’ve added the cost of framing to my end result as well… When you order they will give you a complete overview of cost – and the it depends on taxes in your own country – I remember paying quite a bit in taxes since I live in Norway at the moment and the taxes for import here is quite a bit… Still it ended up being cheaper than having to go all the way to sweden to buy one poster πŸ˜‰

    • designtrolls

      I’m so sorry, I don’t remember 😦 It was in Asia somewhere… It took a whole lotta work to find it, just keep on hunting. The site didn’t have it when I found it, but they kindly gave notice as soon as they got it back into stock. The only other place I know of is the Modern Museum in Stockholm, but they don’t ship this poster collection, you have to pick it up at the museum… But if you know someone living there, go for it, it costs next to nothing there πŸ™‚ +M+

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