I’ve had a bit on my plate lately – so why not squeeze it into one of my quick updates? 


Quick update

1. Eating sushi to celebrate payday 2. Late night bus rides 3. Keeping warm and being a radiator/pillow for my dog 4. Loving reflective surfaces 5. Drinking buckets of Pukka tea 6. Watching false fire alarms leading to fuzz 7. Frolic in interior inspiration 8. Bringing some oily madness into my home 9. Watching H keeping warm


Quick update

1. Starting the creation of my washi tape stag 2. Putting mini ornaments in glass boxes 3. Hanging branches on walls 4. Collecting branches for my christmas tree 5. Washi taping anything in reasonable distance 6. Preparing my ideas 7. Loving how good my skull looks with heather 8. Mini ornaments from Søstrene Grene 9. Starry lights




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