I feel like it has been quite a vile since I’ve had one of my ode to my intense love for black and white – so what better time than now? I have just finished framing and hanging my Warhol quote poster and brought more black and white items into my home…. Images to come during the next couple of days – so keep your eyes open! So tonight I’m taking it all out in one of my pinterest rants – devoted to my love for life in black and white. Enjoy.

Pinned Image

Who needs Chanel No5 when they’ve got Plastic No5?

Pinned Image

I want a bat to put on my wall!

Pinned Image

I think this is my favorite Marilyn image ever – from the last sitting…

Pinned Image

Cluster lamps + cluster art… And the thing I want the most is the tiny blue Eiffel tower – weird?

Pinned Image

Perfectly moody black and white bedroom.

Pinned Image

Amazing – nothing more to say about this one.

Pinned Image

Keep cal… what was that?

Pinned Image

White skull for me?

Pinned Image

Black balloons + black Eames + black & white typography in black frames… All against a white wall and on a white floor – I’m not gonna complain…

Pinned Image

If you lack a christmas tree – just wrap some lights around yourself and your better half – human christmas tree ready to go!

Pinned Image

I’ve got the black and white pillows – now all I need to get is some paper and some string lights for christmas.

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