Since it is thursday – since I am waiting for payday – since christmas is closing in on us – since I have come across so much I wish for – let’s have a wish list thursday!

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Let’s start off with the ultimate wish – the Mulberry Fox Lock satchel… I’ve been craving this one since last christmas – when I was standing in the tiny Mulberry shop in Covent Garden drooling – with all the right intentions and non of the funds… Maybe it will be a possibility this christmas?

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I am wishing for these lovely brass hangers by Carl Auböck… Would fit my bedroom perfectly…

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I want tickets to Amsterdam… Especially during the winter times – I love cities covered in snow…

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I am craving several of these soap rocks from Beklina… Would elevate any trip to the toilet for me – washing hands will be a geological happening! I feel like ordering several – how perfect are these as a christmas gift? They are actually pretty big – and at $20 – they are pretty much an artsy fartsy steal!

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Hello miss sleeping Monroe – I want to hang you in my bedroom… How lovely is this image?

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I know I can’t have this in my current abode – but hello gorgeous black and white lush place to flush – you are on my future abode wish list!

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I think I just might want a pocket bunny… Ok! I know I can’t have one – but one needs to wish for the impossible once in a vile!

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I love some great surface fillers – and I wish for all of these pretty little items… Especially the horse and the fan thingy!

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The holiday season is creeping up on me – and the hunt for dresses begins – can be quite a daunting task but at the same time pretty fun… I am never opposed to adding more special dresses to my vault – and I am falling head over heels for this little white dress… If anyone knows where I can get this – bring it on!

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A globe of fifty – at the moment my collection consists of one tiny globe floating around one of my windowsills… I feel like I need a couple more – thrift shop anyone?

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Ok – let’s leave it at that – ten lovely wishes… Let’s hope at least one of them comes true!




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