I wasn’t planning on doing a rant today – but after 10 min. of drooling at pinterest I realized I had to. Just too many goodies – would be selfish not to share. Still waiting for the return of my phone – I am missing instagram more than I thought I would – mostly because I had grown accustomed to taking photos of everything. But I’ve got my camera on charge so I will share some of my recent goodies and future ventures with you as soon as possible!

Well – why not look at this vile we wait?

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Since it is December – a great advent calendar by MokkasinWell – if I remember this next December I might just try to go for this version myself! Still going to hunt for those boxes though – they would do a great job as a gift box.

Pinned Image

Ok – I can’t really explain why – besides the fact that they are amazing to look at (and I hope they are just as amazing to touch) – but I do really have an intense craving for paper pompoms!

Pinned Image

Just a tiny bit of freckle indulgence – not wrong on a slow Saturday night… Oh I am amazed at the freckle party going on in her face – and envious…

Pinned Image

Oh how I wish I could make baked goods look so good! The creator is making these seem pretty easy to make – so I will give it a go next week – you can get the recipe right here! Don’t get fooled by the swedish – just scroll down and you’ll find the recipe in english.

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Some amazing rings for the party season? Would make my childlike chubby fingers look awesome!

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This fox portrait is just unbelievable… Since the fox is one of my favorite animals it simply had to tag along!

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I am loving the details on this dress… Wish I could wear romantic dresses like this every day of the week…

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I do love a man with a great profile – and even more Javier Bardem and his great profile!

Pinned Image

Dye your hand blue…

Pinned Image

How amazing are these grid vases by Jaime Hayon? I am in love…

Pinned Image

If you are in need of great gift tags you can always sneak these lovely printable gift tags from ambrosiagirl.

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