I know it is not very often I bring up things I find fitting for a nursery or a kids room – but today will be the exception. While reading through the January issue of Elle Decor I came across the Balloon lights by Crous Calogero for Estiluz. At once I had to jump on my laptop and hunt them down. If you are located in the UK you can get it here (small version) and here (large version). One of the brilliant things about this lamp is the fact that the red cord can be pulled – and you change the intensity of the light from direct to indirect light.

Pinned Image

After looking at this beauty – I just had to have a look for more balloon lamps – and I found a couple that would do quite a good job in any kids room as well:

Balloon X Lamp

This one – the Balloon X lamp from Haoshi – is not far from reaching perfection as well… You can get a hold of these on the brands site. I would recommend you to have a browse through the different products – there are quite some gems there. My personal favorites (besides the balloon) are The Merry Go Round Series and The Swallow Clock

Pinned Image

Then there is this cute table lamp – by CH Design Furniture… Which could also be a great addition to any kids room out there. On their site it says it is sold – so I guess this just might have been a one of item…

I know that if I was a kid – I would love having a balloon lamp or two in my bedroom – balloons still makes me one big happy baby…

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