Ok – here goes – these are the food experiments of today…

For breakfast we had the super-eggy scrambled eggs with homemade parsley pesto – I didn’t have fresh basil so the pesto ended up nothing like the recipe – but it did end up amazingly tasty… The H rated todays breakfast as a 9/10 – so it is safe to repeat:


For dinner we had quinoa and spinach salad with roasted butternut squash and the parsley pesto. The recipe was originally with a pistachio pesto – but decided to use what was left of the pesto I made this morning – and it worked perfectly with everything. Today was a first for me – both on the quinoa and on the butternut squash – won’t be the last time these ingredients will be part of my cooking. H rated the dinner as a 10/10 – signing it up for repeat some other time. Probably the best thing I’ve ever made:


We were all pretty amazed at the size of the butternut squash – bigger than my face – and I pride my self on my huge face circumference! Tipi got more fascinated than both me and the H – she has never encountered a veggie looking like this – so she refused to let it out of her sight – think it ended up being her nemesis… Lovely watching the desperate interaction between Tipi and a butternut squash…

You can get the recipes from my previous post – here.



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