I don’t turn into a brand addict very often – but these days my shelves are filling up with products from one special shop – Lush

I can pretty much thank the H for this addiction – since he handed me a rather generous gift card – which led me to go pretty wild. So right now my day-to-day routine is almost a 100% natural – and it has done wonders for my skin! And I spend every day feeling like a fresh fruit basket.

Here are some of new-found favorites:

The Brazened Honey mask – this one is filled with goodness – got honey, lime, almond shells and a ton more… I left this on for about 10-15 minutes – then threw some water on it and scrubbed my skin gently – and oh did it work! My skin (the sensitive one) did not end up red and crazy as it usually does – it ended up clear as can be and silky smooth.




Then there is my love for the ocean – which gets fulfilled by the Ocean Salt face and body scrub. This has become a daily facial scrub in the shower happening for me… It leaves my face glowing and fresh…



Then for the body I scrub down using the Rub Rub Rub – another sea salt treat for the body. Smells absolutely amazing, and if you want a tad of extra volume throw it in your hair as well…



Then there is the other shower treat the Woosh shower jelly – I do as Lush tell me to – I grab a wobbly bit and rub it all over my wobbly bits – and I love it!



Then to the lips – my lips are really not made for the Norwegian winter – they dry out and get all chipped… But I think I’ve come across the perfect remedy – after just two applications the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub fixed my problem. It smells lovely and when you’re done scrubbing you can just lick what ever is left off your lips…



For the hands we are now completely addicted to the Bohemian soap – the bar we got is almost all gone by now! Can’t get enough of the smell of fresh lemon in the bathroom…



One of the days I went crazy at the Lush store – I got a bit of a treat – one of the solid shampoo bars – the Karma Komba one. I must admit I was a tad bit sceptical – but my scepticism went away after the first time of trying it. It smells crazy good – it is ridiculously rich – it’s going to last me forever!



Here are two other treats I got in a tiny goodie bag – the second time I went crazy in the shop… A bath bomb and a bubble bar… Too bad I don’t have a tub to soak in! So untill I find a tub to soak in they are just placed around the house to let of lovely scent…




That’s it for now – till the day my gift basket with more lush goodness from the H arrives!

all images by me




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