I have a thing for bathrooms – when it comes to interior this combined with bedroom and kitchen is probably where I find most of my inspiration. The thing is – a bathroom is never the easiest room to make just right – especially when you are renting a home like I am. But a girl can dream – about the day when she can make her own bathroom – just the way she wants to! I do dream of this quite often – I can find my self sketching every corner of my different dream homes – down to ridiculous details… Maybe I am in the wrong field of work – who knows – maybe I should be planning homes for people?

Well – back to the bathroom of my dreams – here is just a pinch of my favorite bathroom inspiration these days! I would probably end up with a mix-of-everything kind of bathroom – modern meets vintage – thrift shop meets designer duds… What does your dream bathroom look like?

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Ok – I wouldn’t go for the toilet solution in this one – but there is some absolutely brilliant items in here… Ok – I might be oddly attracted to the idea of a huge lit up 7 in my bathroom – but common! Tell me you don’t like it and why – and I know I can turn you around – it is awesome! And I wouldn’t mind the wooden stool as well!

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I love this sleek bathroom design – I would stay in that tub forever – can it get cozier? I think no!

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Something really draws me to this bathroom – I think it might have something to do with the great fusion between the modern elements of the tinted glass and the lighting with the exposed bricks and the lovely wood in the ceiling. And who wouldn’t love getting cleaned off in the shower every morning? I know I would.

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Just love the whole feel of this space – the tiles are perfection – the natural wood brings a bit of softness to the dark stone… Then to top it all of a separate space for the tub…

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I feel like this is one of those “no-words-needed” moments – who wouldn’t enjoy a sauna?

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The Parisian bathroom dream – white and grey – simple and clean! And it does not lack storage space – aka – easy to keep tidy, always a winner in my eyes!

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Quite great for a master bathroom – if you don’t mind a bit of transparency in your life. Love the dark wood combined with the white…

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I am just going to say yes to this space… concrete, black tiles, lowered tub and a beautiful shower corner – what is not to love!

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Love the wood, love the tub, love the black and white photos on the wall – sold!

Pinned Image

Love the combination of tiles – so serene… Wouldn’t mind soaking in that tub either…

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