My happy pack from Lush came yesterday! I literally did my Zoidberg dance – I will add gif for the ones of you that don’t know about the epic Zoidberg dance…

Ok – there you have it! The Zoidberg dance – and I do it like a king!

Now back to my new lovely products to make my skin happy…

First it is a massage bar – this was in one of my goodie bags – so I do not know what it is called. But I love it! It smells gorgeous and it leaves your skin with a lovely shine. I’ve added a picture of one of my hands after application – not too sure about the shine showing though. It can also be used as a body lotion – so I just might end up putting this on before  big night out…




Then there is Let the Good Times Roll – a facial cleanser – which after one day I am absolutely addicted to. It smells of toffee and popcorn… It actually contains popcorn – in tiny bits – so it gives you a proper scrub!




Here you can see bits of popcorn… Got one thing to say – GET IT!

After giving the fresh face mask Brazened Honey a go – I decided to get another mask – but one that would last a bit longer than 3 tiny weeks. I ended up choosing the Magnaminty Mask – and I do not regret it one bit! It smells minty fresh – and feels cooling on the skin – and when you’ve washed it off the skin is left perfectly soft.


This mask also works if you get nasty outbreaks on your back… I am sooo glad I decided to get the big tub of this one will last me for a pretty long time!



Then after reading some great reviews I decided to try out Buffy, which is a lovely exfoliating body scrub… Tried it earlier and it gave a good scrub, quite rough – so perfect for me – a person who loves a good scrubbing. It left my skin soft as a peach.



The last item I got was the Miranda soap. This is to me in a completely different league than the Bohemian soap we got the first time. The Miranda soap gives a bit more of a creamy wash – and we’ve just placed a tiny bit of it in our bathroom and the smell of it fills the room… So right now our bathroom smells beautiful constantly – and it is all thanks to this tiny piece of soap. Will get this one again – no doubt about it!



I can bet I’ll return with more Lush addict posts – I will not stop making my way through their goodies…

all images by me



One comment

  1. theoxfordowl

    Ooh, Midnight Massage is my favourite! It was limited edition for Christmas – I bought two in the sale to keep me going til next year 🙂 It’s such a beautiful jasmine 🙂

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