A mix of what has been going on lately – since it’s been ages since I’ve shared something from my day-to-day life! So here goes – another quick update from the life of me – not the life of Pi.

I am trying to figure out a different way to do these quick updates – got any input to come with?

PhotoGrid_1363088674826 - BRUKT 13MARS

1. Waking up to this amazing view at the summer flat 2. Listening to some great music and working on my hand lettering at the same time 3. Waking up to heavy snow this morning – after feeling like spring was right around the corner just yesterday 4. Packing the dog in some wool for our snow walk 5. Tipi the Shamazing and my shamazing vintage rose plates! 6. doodling owls when on the phone 7. Arriving back home after 5 days of full on work 8. Being covered in snow after what seemed like seconds in the snow this morning 9. Being an eternal optimist – putting my nude flats on!

PhotoGrid_1363088742841 - BRUKT 13MARS

1. Night time walking 2. Drinking liters of tea with this and with that 3. Watching the streets outside whilst enjoying my morning coffee 4. Listening to some more great music whilst working on my hand lettering 5. Wearing my relax clothes to work, jersey maxi skirt all the way 6. Enjoying the company of my little dog 7. Making my home-made mango salsa and guacamole for taco night 8. Finding statues of dogs on nights out 9. Traveling by ferry to get to work

PhotoGrid_1363088851547 - BRUKT 13MARS

1. Looking at this amazing bunny sketch 2. Adding some copper glitter to my life 3. Finding lovely patterns and prints in weird places 4. Finishing off a photo album to ship off to England 5. Spending hours on busses 6. Falling in love with some great packaging 7. Trying to keep the face pretty fresh 8. Reading about the art of package design 9. Watching balloons printed with hearts float about at a hen-do

all images by moi!




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