I recently did my easter egg hunt post – if you are interested it’s right here.

This post is not as focused as the easter egg one – this is more in the general inspiration sphere – the only focus points I guess are that it is all lovely images and they all inspire the “easter decorator” in me! And today it all comes with commentaries – oh jess – I’m that kind of mood. Might be because my love of bunnies is ignited because of the amount of bunnies I come across looking for easter inspiration – or it could just be because of the spark of spring approaching oh so quickly…

Pinned Image

I’m not opposed to bunnies on top of bunnies – and no one else should oppose that either!

Pinned Image

I want all of this in my home – suddenly I get the urge to go out and get some more branches for my home…

Pinned Image

The table-cloth, the eggs, the colours, the organizing of it all – I am head over heels!

Pinned Image

This is simply too cute – but just the right amount of too cute!

Pinned Image

This is the coolest easter card/easter tag I’ve seen this far… EPIC! Is it the glitter? Is it my love for origami? Is it the colours? I simply can’t pin point why it is perfection – but I can’t fault it at all either!

Pinned Image

The perfectly set table – with the most amazing chairs if I might just add that! If anyone know where I can get a hold of chairs like that please do give me a loud shout!

Pinned Image

One word: SPRING!

Pinned Image

There is a white bunny on my glass – and I love it!

Pinned Image

Ok – I am in love with these to beauties… I want them – not just for easter – these would work in my home any day of the year… Need to figure out where I can get these – on the “to-get” list you go…

Pinned Image

Water colour mayhem!

Pinned Image

Same table setting as earlier – just look at the plates – is it possible to not love them?

Pinned Image

This is what I want to wear for easter!

Pinned Image

This is bordering on too much cuteness for me – but still – I would eat those bunny tails!

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