I am in great favor of bringing nature into ones home – and today I am putting my focus towards the diversity in use of the tree trunk… I have gathered a ton of inspiration on some of my favorite ways to bring a tree trunk into ones home… Hope you enjoy!

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As a side table… I love the unfinished and natural look of this side table.

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As a cake stand. This is not only great for weddings (which is the most likely event for me to use one of these), but they will also look absolutely gorgeous on any table in any home…

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As a coffee table. I have swooned over this image countless times – once for the details, once for the benches, once for the fireplace and now for the tree trunk coffee table… And how great is the wheels? Ok, they would not work on a smaller tree trunk – in my mind that would lead to one esthetically challenged tree trunk… But when it is this size it doesn’t challenge the esthetics of the trunk and it makes room for changes – oh don’t you just have to love some mobility in a home?

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As a bedside table… I am having a crush on this bedroom – the colours, the wood, the reindeer fur, the wire baskets as shelves – and there it is – the dot over the I… The tree trunk!

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As a dining table. Ok – as the supporting role that overshadows the leading role in the dining table… This image is leading to optical nerve tantrums – a lot going on… But then I remember to focus on the two sturdy (and remarkably handsome) trunks – and I am once again focused!

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As a sliced up coffee table… This is another favorite of mine – not only for the complete picture but a lot for the “slice it up and put on top of each other” tree trunk table.

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As a huge vase… Simply find the tree trunk of your dreams, hollow it out and put another tree in it… Is this cannibalism? If this is the case I need to rethink my view on this one…

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A floor to ceiling solution… If you are in it for viewing purposes only this might be the one for you. Add some zing to it and it is a corner piece… Or even a pretty shamazing play tree for your kitty cat.

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As a turn table. How awesome is this? I know you wish it was yours! I would go out and harvest a pretty amazing record collection if this was standing in my living room, ready to play tunes and look good as it does it!

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As a vase. Ok these are pretty cute – and I would probably be able to fit them into my home – so I added them…

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As bathroom accessories… This is probably the most far out one – since it looks like un-fixed wood in a wet room… Still the shower is an outdoor shower and it looks pretty shamazing all put together… But I am not too sure I would do anything like this myself.

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As diningroom chairs… The cat agrees with me – these are awesome. When me and the cat agrees – there is not much more to be said now is there?

Pinned ImageAs coffee table combination. I love the combination of the two different tree trunks… Sold!

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Another amazing coffee table right here… This is probably one of my favorites, especially for quite a roomy space, if you get what I am thinking about?

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To finish it all off – here is one of the most amazing table tops I’ve seen in a long time. How beautiful is this?

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  1. TheGreatZambini

    I like using tree trunks. It`s important to add something with that rough texture in a smooth modern room, something earthy to ground all the glass and white in modern spaces.

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