My easter holiday started today – and what better way to kick it off than to share a bunch of brilliant inspiration with you? Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday – and that everyone enjoys my platter of inspiration!

Some perfect colours for spring…

I am absolutely in love with this kitchen – the grey painted wooden floors combined with the steel and the wood kitchen fronts – common does anyone find a fault to this one? It even has the display shelves…

A pink balloon – from me to you – just to welcome spring!

Another perfect table – I can’t figure out where this beauty is from though – so if you have a clue please do tell!!!

Look at this –  coconut, almond & quinoa breakfast cakes – yummy! I am so gonna give these a go – if you want to as well you can check out the recipe right here!

This one is here simply because it is a great space… Not a word more to say about it…

Perfect bedding by Country Road – hoping they ship to Norway!

Who doesn’t love a great thick cat eye?


Seriously – if you love a crazy wallpaper you will swoon over this one… Perfectly named “My Museum” by Wall & Decò!

I really feel like adding some of these doily platters from BRIKA to my home… Don’t you?

Oh how I would love to wear this gorgeous creation by Ulyana Sergeenko!

Oh I am ready for summer and dipping my body in lakes!

Another great wood kitchen front… Maybe that’s the way to go for me?

How gorgeous is this cafe space in The Broken Arm in Paris? I am sold! If I go to Paris this is on my to check out list – oh so definitely!

Maybe this bag would make me keep my stuff in order since there is no hiding the bag mess!  Unfortunately, the source for this greatness is Nastygal – and I cannot find this bag anywhere – must be sold out! Oh no!

I am completely swooning over this brass table by Mimmi Staaf

For some reason this image makes me want to drive through the US – anyone else get that feeling?

What better way to end this post than by the backsides of some gorgeous Matthew Williamson gowns?

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