Following up on my post about wooden ceilings – if you haven’t had the chance to read it/flip through the images you can do it here. As I said earlier – I have got a thing for ceiling treatments – and today it is all about the wallpaper ceiling. I must say I get my crave tingle quite often when I look at wallpaper – but there is always the tiny voice in my head saying “You sure about that? You know you will glue it on your wall!”… But I really haven’t considered glueing it on my ceilings (before now)!

There is something incredibly whimsical about a ceiling covered in wallpaper – kinda sets a whole room to some  awe-inspiring position, where the eye doesn’t know where to look and the mind is desperately trying to figure out if it is reality, or if somehow you have just stepped into a chapter of Alice in Wonderland. And I must admit I love the visual perplexity of it all – I do not know if I am daring enough to bring that sort of confusion into my own space – but oh how I wish someone I know is!

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I am a fan of blue – this room is perfectly cool – at least to my liking. The wallpaper chosen for the ceiling brings it all together perfectly, don’t you think?

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And if you are completely bananas like Chloe here – why not go for a full-on wallpaper and bedding extravaganza? This is not to my liking, but it might hit home somewhere out there…

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In love with this metallic wallpaper – and it goes oh so perfectly with the rest of the room.

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I actually find this highly appealing – I usually don’t fall for the wallpaper going from wall to ceiling. . . But there is something about this one – maybe it is because it is not hitting the floor as well? I think that’s the thing – it doesn’t feel to consuming.

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Oh my – another bulk of metal – and guess what; I like it… Combined with the Kelly Green chairs it is quite the perfect picture.

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A room where I would be able to go wallpaper ceilings would be in a nursery/kids room… Then it would have to be something like this – muted yet lively.

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