I am off work and it is time to spend the weekend relaxing and diving into photography projects and some great food! First of all I want to start it all off with one of my pinterest rants!

Perfect dining space via photographed by

Perfect lighting via – pay attention to the lighting on the table as well – shamazing I tell you!

Monochromatic greatness via

Please – someone just ship me to San Francisco! Amazing imagery via

Great shoes via

Bunny greatness via

Who wouldn’t love some yellow for breakfast, lunch and dinner? via

This is the sorbet for me – gin and tonic all the way – via

And to go with that gin and tonic sorbet – as it melts down I wouldn’t be opposed to having one of these lovely patterned straws via readily available!

This might just be the coolest guitar ever made! via

I am swooning over the great map action going on in the background! via

Minty pastels and graphic patterns – feel the new season is on a rise… via

Great Finish cabin via

Pure beauty via

Fill your shelves with things that makes you happy – via

Bag crave happening! via

Beautiful imagery combined with beautiful geometry – who can fault this? via

Oh I need to work on my organisation skills – via

Beautiful space via

Great ink – great photography via

all is found via




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