We’ve finally booked it – a trip to Edinburgh… It has been a plan of ours for ages now – and today I had a pit stop at one of the airlines that I know go from our city to Edinburgh and it was a brilliant flight sale on… So no more procrastination in this house – it was so cheap it would be a shame not to book a trip. So now it is settled in May we are packing our bags and hopping a flight to Edinburgh – and I can’t wait!

We have been talking a lot about traveling this year – and we have looked at a lot of places that is far off. We want to go to the US (at least 3 different routes), we want to see China and Japan – then there is Thailand and Vietnam.. Then we realized that what about our own continent? What about Europe? I grew up in Norway (and have spent a lot of time traveling in Europe as a child) and the H grew up in London (and has covered parts of the UK and some european countries + Africa). We ended up realizing that as we sit and wait for the great trips that takes ous far away we should make time to explore our own playground as well. So Edinburgh is our first trip to check off our Europe travel list.

If anyone can give us some pointers on where to go and what to see, where to drink and where to eat – please give us a heads up!

We have gathered a few ideas on what we want to see – like hopping a train to North Berwick to go on a bird safari and eat at the lobster shack, walking the Royal Mile, going on a well deserved shopping spree, see the Edinburgh Castle. . . We have a long list to cover in probably to little time – but knowing my self I will probably go off the grid and just wander around and see where I end up…

And for my sake it will be 90% about taking pictures – so I promise you some image heavy posts from our trip – no doubt about it.

Here is some Edinburgh inspiration…


The Princess Street Gardens via

The “Wee” Whiskey Shop via. We can’t go to Scotland without bringing some Whiskey home – that’s for sure!

The Royal Mile via

The Scotch Whiskey Experience via – this is on our to-do-list! Even though I am not a great whiskey drinker… I’ll ask my dad to train me before we leave!

The streets of Edinburgh via

Edinburgh Castle via

Edinburgh streets via



Then there is Greyfriar’s Bobby – which I really want to see – you can read the story here. Image via

Rumor has it this is the place to go for beer & burger – one of the things I miss from living in the UK! And I don’t even like burgers that much! via

North Berwick  via

Food at the Lobster Shack in North Berwick, viaYummy!

Here you have birds flocking around Bass Rock in North Berwick via – hoping we get the time to go on one of the bird safaris!




  1. kelvingrove2013

    Try and visit Leith for something to eat, loads of nice places.
    Visit South Queensferry for lunch with great views of the iconic Forth rail bridge.
    Climb Arthurs and Calton Hill.
    Visit Valvona & Crolla for a coffee, have a burger in Bell’s Diner
    Stroll round the Botanic Gardens
    Take the real Mary King’s Close tour under the streets.

    Lots of things to do, you wont be bored.

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