Here we go, another one of my ceiling treatment posts. If you’ve missed out on the former posts you could check them out here and here. This time it is all about the painted ceilings. Most people keep their ceiling white – but then there are the few kooky ones who take a leap of faith and paint their ceiling in the most amazing colours…

Here is a collection of beautiful painted ceilings – to inspire and evoke paint desire!

Pinned Image

This dark lavender/mauve color combined with the turquoise ceiling is crazy – but absolutely gorgeous. And how about the heater that is painted in the same colour as the wall. via

Pinned Image

Here you have another great colour combination, once more a turquoise ceiling, but this time combined with a more subtle colour grey. Beautiful. via

Pinned Image

Or how about going red combined with a white room? via

Pinned Image

This is great gor a kitchen, white tiles, concrete walls combined with a brilliantly yellow ceiling. via

Pinned Image

Another room filled with different pops of colour, different shades of green on the doors combined with a light split tone wall and a brilliantly blue ceiling. This is once again too over the top for me to try out – but I can esthetically appreciate it – without a doubt! via

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Here is a combination of white with lovely wooden floors – then to top it all off you’ve got a muted blue ceiling – making its way down the walls… Think I might be in love. via

Pinned Image

Love the light rusty-red they have chosen for the ceiling in this room… I want a dress in that colour haha. via

To end it all – one for all of those who want a black ceiling above them… I am not one of them – but I can appreciate the esthetics of it all! via




    • designtrolls

      Thank you for the comment – wish I had the guts to paint the ceiling in one of our rooms – but I think it would drown the room – not enough space… Must be brilliant for a kids room though!

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