I have been a bit distant for the last couple of days – well over a week now. That’s all because of work piling up around here – I apologize for my absence – but will try to make it up in the days to come. I will start of by an inspiration blast – all about minty fresh colour. It is true – the mint is back – and I am loving it for spring. It is also big on the wedding colour hit list this season – and to be honest – if I was getting married I would throw in some mint here and there… Just a hint to all brides out there! I wouldn’t mind some pops of mint around me right now – the rain is falling heavy outside my window – and all I see is dark grey.

Well here we go – picture heavy time! So what would you like in mint?

A bit of mint light on light feet? via

Some lovely minted chairs for your diningroom? via

Take your hair to the next le vel – the minty level? via

A bit of mint lace in your lingerie drawer? via

A minty fresh Smeg just because you deserve looking at it every day? via 


A perfect mint maxi skirt for those long summer nights ahead? via

A minty fresh watch for your spring ready wrist? via

For those getting married – some personalized green lemonades for your guests? For those not getting married some lovely green lemonade to give a boost to any dinner party? via

A minty fresh side table or two for a minty fresh space? via

Some gorgeous muted mint for your wardrobe? via

Some minty green cups to serve coffee or tea? via

This lovely mint dress with red ants for those special days out on the town? via

If anyone out there knows where I can find this one please do tell?! I feel like it is a crave I need to get rid off – and I feel the only way I can get rid of it is by buying and wearing this!

A mint green tub so you can soak up in style? via




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