Time for another quick update! This is some of the things I’ve been up to the last week. . .


1. cuddling up with the most lazy puppy in town 2. Planning stuff to do when in Edinburgh 3. Drinking coffee and eating nutty bars 4. Traveling with the ferry and admiring the ocean 5. The city was on fire – watching the flashing lights 6. Drinking more coffee than needed – enjoying our new pillows 7. Enjoying the ocean a bit more 8. Boiling eggs 9. Getting charmed by the cutest puppy in town


1. Enjoying some beer 2. Went a bit over the top shopping – came home with enough pink for a life time! 3. Bought a kong toy for the puppy and she is loving it 4. Went out for some drinks – crazy tasty drinks! 5. & 6. Bought some kick ass heels by Marc by Marc Jacobs 7. & 8. Bought some amazing Acne Alma booties – think these are my new favorite shoes…


All of these ones are from our trip to our favorite interior shop in town – BoliaWhen we move we will get most of our furniture from this place!

1. Blue sofa anyone? 2. A wall covered in gold records – I am amazed 3. Crazy but amazing monkey  clown on the wall – want one of these on my wall! 4. Amazing painted bunny – they had three of them scattered around – I want them all! 5. Detailing on a desk I want for my dream office! 6. The perfect table for a kitchen breakfast area 7. In love with the mirror – the one with my feet in it 8. Another brilliant piece of wall art I fell in love with 9. The main focus here is the amazing rocket candle holder – I want one or three please!



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