Today I set out on the task of creating a workspace for my self. The H has taken up our desk in the livingroom – so I have been doing most my work on the couch or in bed – and my back is paying for it! So when I got back from work yesterday I had a revelation – I can make space in our bedroom for a personal workspace for me and only me! So after roaming some of the vintage shops in our area without any luck – and deciding that I am at a point where I can’t defend getting my dream desk which is priced at around 900 quid. So I grabbed my bag and my money – headed out to Ikea and got myself a desk that will do until I can change it for my dream desk… And I also managed to grab some of those lovely display shelves that I’ve been raving about. So tomorrow  I’ll be roaming about the city for items to throw into my new workspace – can’t wait to use it! I’ll share some images of it as soon as it is all sorted!

Now back to the inspiration blast!

The beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg – wearing quite the beautiful creation… via

Two gorgeous plates from Noma – really need to get a table there whenever I get my bum to the right city! via

Since I have gone on about gorgeous tiles for quite a bit – why not share some more with you? via

How lovely is this? via

Great bedroom storage! I am so gonna do this if I buy a flat in the near future… via

Just because it is beautiful! via

I will say one thing – YUMMY – via

Cool industrial coat rack – want that as well… via

Beautiful headpiece at Giambattista Valli  via

Grumpy Cat – how can I not share this? If I am getting a cat I hope it has a face like that! via

A fairly handsome and well dressed man – I am not one to complain about that… via

Great chairs via

Go Rankin! via

Love the perfume bottle vase! I use those perfumes from D&G – so doing this once it is empty… Would probs work with any lovely perfume bottle… via

Head over heels about the tattoos on Ricki Hall! Want to frame him and hang him up on my wall! Btw you kinda have  to love a man with a great beard… via

How do you follow-up after a heavy tattooed man with a full on beard? I choose to do it with these great pastel stairs via

Lovely piece by Antonio Mora – unknown source but you can see the artist pinterest here.

That is it for today – the inspiration overload after a hectic weekend – hope you enjoyed it!




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