Today I want to share a beautiful Swedish home with you – which is on the market – too bad I am not home-hunting in Sweden!  This is a perfect Scandinavian city flat – a lovely one-bedroom abode that seems to be so much more! This home has so many of the qualities I look for in my perfect space; loads of white spaces, large windows, wooden floors and it let’s in a whole lot of light!

I am absolutely in love with this kitchen… Everything from the great tiles and the wooden wall to the great dining table with the one painted leg. . . 

The windows in this space is perfection – brings in a ton of light… And how about the pretty floral chair? I wouldn’t mind one of those in my own home. 

I have actually been craving one of those pink IKEA vases – and seeing this doesn’t exactly take the crave away. 

Since it isn’t the most spacious apartment in the world I really love the storage solution in the bedroom.

I love how they’ve used the picture shelves above the bed – I am also swooning over the beautiful black and white photography of the girl and the use of the wooden stool as a bedside table. 

Oh look at that – some more great storage space.. 

I love the little patch of exposed brick – wish we had that in our home. 

Blue chair? I say yes! Brings a pop of colour to the flat. 

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