After posting my tiny post about the amazing Fendi pyramid heel – have a look here –  I feel like I got back into my shoe-lover-groove. So why not follow it up with some more shoe inspiration? Today I am going to give you the lowdown on another one of my favorites – the Erdem heels from the SS13 collection. once again – Erdem is teaming up with Nicholas Kirkwood  to create another amazing collection of shoes. And once again I amazed at the results. Again – as with the Fendi heels – I would have a hard time chosing just one pair of Erdem heels to bring home with me… I would probably come out of the shop carrying as many pairs as humanly possible – with the H walking behind me shaking his head.

Some of my favorites must be the yellow tapestry combined with the cream, the silver and pink and then there is always the  lovely cream tapestry one , oh and the pink heel with the crazy print (first image). Oh no – I just realized that I could probably mention them all right now… I am not just a shoe lover I guess – I am a certified shoe addict.









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