We are back from Edinburgh – and I am already planning our return! What an amazing place, if you haven’t made it there yet, I definitely recommend it.

I am of course going to share our trip with you, but I have decided I will divide it into four posts – one for every day there. . . So here is the first one.


After quite a fuzz we made our way to the airport – feeling great!


We left Norway behind, and the view from the plane was absolutely amazing. For some reason I really love being able to see the country I am leaving as I fly away from it. . . I really don’t know why, but it makes me feel a sort of travel satisfaction.




I can’t remember anything being as beautiful as flying in over Scotland. The sun was on its way down, and it was as clear as could be. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any photos of flying in over Edinburgh, it was impeccable. We could see everything, from the castle to Calton Hill and  Holyrood Park. . . To say it like this, our first impression of the city couldn’t be any better.


We made our way to the hotel (The Apex City) – which must be one of the most perfectly placed hotels – at least for us. It was situated in the Grassmarket, and as you can see in the image above, we couldn’t complain about  the view.




After getting some snaps from the Grassmarket we headed out for an evening walk around the city and to find a place to get some dinner.

We headed up to the castle, the sun was setting, and I really wanted to get a photo from the area outside the castle, unfortunately it was closed. We walked through bits of the Royal Mile, and we were amazed by the beautiful architecture and the colours of the city.




Here you see one of our favorite buildings in the entire city – and it is all about the doorway to us… And of course the stairs.


From Castle Rock we walked down Ramsay Lane, and found our dream house! Look at these beauties – this is Ramsay Gardens – and I would move this second if someone called me and said “you’ve won a house in Ramsay Gardens!”… Absolute city charm perfection. Not only are these houses perfectly placed in the Old Town, but they’ve got an amazing view over to the New Town and Prices Street Gardens. I am in love!


Here you have the back of the houses – common – who wouldn’t love calling this home?!





This is probably my favorite shot from the entire trip – the sun setting behind Princes Street with Princes Street Gardens in the front. . . At this moment we were both falling head over heels for the city.

We walked over to the New Town and had a bit of a gander before we decided to head back to “our side” of the city for some dinner. One of the things I absolutely love about Edinburgh is all of the alleyways around Old Town. And since I have the curiosity of a child – I had to have a look down 99 percent of them. And to our luck we found a tiny Thai restaurant in one of them, the Chang Thai Restaurant. It was quite a weird one – from our seats we could see the legs of the people passing through the alleyway – and for some reason we both felt at home!


After enjoying our meal we headed home through Cowgate – and fell asleep as babies! Ready for a new day – and with the thought that we would definitely return to  this amazing place! 

all images by me!



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