I remember the first time I fell in love with grouped mirrors – I was around 18 I think – and I saw a beautiful grouping of mirrors displayed in Topshop… I remember saying to myself – you need to do that! And I am still planning to – 9 years later. . . The reason I haven’t gotten to this yet is the fact that I am quite hard to please in the mirror department – and I have been finding it hard to find the perfect collection of mirrors. I need to move this to the top of my “to-do-in-the-home” list though… 9 years is a long time coming. I need to get back to my old habit of roaming vintage shops on a daily basis…




unknown source









  1. Chichi Furniture

    Mirrors are a great way to add such style to a room and they have the added bonus of reflecting so much light into a space. They can be a great alternative to art. The above pics are great, I agree though, you do have to find the right mirrors, you don’t want it to look too orderly and ‘designed’ but at the same time the creation has to look balanced. Happy mirror hunting :O)

    • designtrolls

      Thank you! I am on the look out – but it is not the easiest thing in the world… or so it seems to…
      I am not one to give up easily – so next weekend I am taking the H for a proper mirror hunt around the city!

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