One trend I am loving for the new season is wire… Bring me the wire – in all forms and shapes – if it be in the shape of a chair or a lamp – I’m feeling open to it all!  The H has already gifted me with one of my own personal favorites – the lovely pink wire basket by Ferm Living… I am dreaming of a wood burning stove right now – so I’ll have a reason to fill the basket up with logs of firewood… Until that day comes I am waiting for winter so I can fill it with lovely wool blankets! 

And here is some of my other wire favorites… Inspiration time! 

This wire and fabric pendant lamp is beyond amazing! At least to me it seems to be a pretty perfect piece to have hanging above my dining table… I couldn’t find the source to the image, but I managed to find out that the lamp is a creation from Something From Us. I had a hard time finding a site for them but you can find some of their items on sale here. This lovely lamp is unfortunately nowhere to be found! 

Then there is the utterly amazing Eames wire table – how cute is this? I wouldn’t mind a couple of these perfectly placed around my home – but then again who would mind such a thing? Only a beast! Both images via

I wouldn’t mind some lovely wire chairs in my breakfast area… via


How about this wired collection of tables? I must say I do like them all mashed up together like this, but I wouldn’t mind just one of them neatly placed in my livingroom… via

In love with this garden feel – giving me that French feel… via

Look at this – I have a sudden craving for a wire stag on my wall… Fix it time! via

Livingroom crush happening right now. . .  via

I am absolutely in love with the amazing wire sculpture – so subtle but still impactful and pretty darn shamazing! via

To end it all – here are some more brilliant wire tables! via




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