Summer is as good as over – at least my summer holiday – and all I want to do is refresh everything around me. Especially my home! We have a room to do over in the future – we are still working on what to do about it though – maybe a home office is the thing we need to do? I’ve always had a bit of a home office dream – but we will see! I have gathered up some refreshing refresh inspiration to get my interior juices flowing. . .

I wouldn’t go all the way like this – but this image is absolutely amazing though – or what? How opulent and rich is this – I am in love with the chair and the colour of the wall – and maybe even that plush bag!  via

This is a more likely refresh for me – a round mirror – I even have one in mind. Will get back to that when it makes its way into our home. I am also interested in knowing who that amazing piece of art in the back is by! Anyone know? via

How about refreshment through a ombre treatment on our walls – and how about letting it match the colour of the chairs! Ps. this may just be the coolest language school ever! via

The monochromatic trend is still going strong – so how about turning our white window frames black? I am not opposed to that idea – gorgeous! via

Bring some new art pieces into our home! Like some of the awesome pieces hanging around this livingroom… via

I am always on the look out for a great display cabinet… And this looks pretty awesome! via

Or how about going crazy pink? Pink walls and ceilings – maybe not! But I must admit there is more than just one thing I am loving in this space. I adore the sofa, even though it is not my choice of colour, I love the combination of the pink with the amazing green in the art – and then there is that amazing pendant lamp and the wooden floors! Not much to complain about… unknown source

I am in love with this beautiful piece from IKEA of all places – and I want it for my hallway – but I can’t seem to find it! I need it – so I hope it shows up here asap! My hallway really needs a refreshment – and this will be the perfect piece… via

Don’t get too excited about this one – we are not turning the other room into a nursery – we are not having a child… But the thing is, this nursery has the perfect colour pallet! And I could incorporate a lot of the details of this nursery into our very much grown up home, no problem! via

Now this is the easiest one to me – I have pledged something to myself – that is bringing more fresh flowers into my home! Wouldn’t mind if they looked like this… via

And when all the home refreshment is done – this is what I’m gonna do – lay down and sleep awkwardly like a cat – knowing I am just as awesome as this cat! via

That’s it for now – hope you’ve enjoyed it!




    • designtrolls

      Oh thank you very much! Such a great compliment! Now all I have to do is start refreshing this home . . . Wish I owned this place, then I would actually try to go ombre in a room!


      • theoxfordowl

        I may just have emailed my boyfriend with that ombre picture to see what he thought 😛 I wonder how you’d do it without it being too stripy?

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