Here goes – the second of the four posts about our lovely trip to Portugal and London.


After four nights in Porto we got on a train to Lisbon. It was just a three-hour trip between the two cities – easy choice of transport.


The view from our balcony – lovely waking up to a view over the botanical garden…


Every morning was spent with a cup of coffee on our balcony.

I absolutely fell in love with this city. . . Such a beautiful place! We were lucky enough to find a flat right next to the Avenida da Liberdade – so we were in walking distance from most of Lisbon. We spent a week in the city, and all I want to do is return! I have said to the H that I want a vacation place in Lisbon – at least he agrees!

The Art of Lisbon

I am not talking let’s hang it in a gallery and sell it kind of art – I am talking of the art you see everyday in a city – the decorations on a house, the tile work that surrounds you, the amazing street art you pass by… And Lisbon is full of it! Porto had its share of it as well – polka dots and stars painted on houses and so on, but in Lisbon it went to a different level all together. Abandoned buildings was made into enormous canvases, filled with amazing pieces of graffiti – You will understand what I am talking about when you see the images – I am talking beyond amazing! Then there is the tile work – there are so many houses decorated in the most amazing tiles you could ever imagine,



Seriously the coolest optician in the world – I wish my optician had a sign that looks like this!





This right here might be my favorite street art piece ever. I wish I could get this on a print and hang it above my bed.


The National Pantheon

Hello gorgeous is all I have to say! After visiting the flea market (images found down below) we decided to give the national pantheon a visit. We made our way up to the top of the building through narrow corridors and stone steps. . . Why is it so boring to walk up steps? But almost every time what you find at the top of those boring steps is something utterly amazing? Can someone please explain that correlation to me? Well anyways, this was no exception – at the top of those boring steps we found something amazing! We stepped outside and walked around this gorgeous white landscape, with a view for days over the city and beyond. The inside of the pretty beast – well I feel like the images speak for them selves in that matter!






The Lisbon Architecture

Travelling with an architect and having a keen interest in great buildings myself – vacation time soon turns into look at this great architecture time… Me and the H are both still in awe of the incredible architectural melting pot we’ve left behind us… Not only is the architectural influences many  – you see islamic influences, roman influences, art nouveau and baroque – you’ve got old and you’ve got modernism at its best – and all of this is mixed together into the perfection we call Lisbon. We spent a week there – and I feel like I need at least two more weeks to get through the architectural sightseeing I want to do…














Feira Da Ladra 

When we had a Saturday in Lisbon we felt like we couldn’t skip checking out the famous flea market, and we were not disappointed! I managed to keep my cash in my pocket – I did not buy anything. Besides interior pieces I had a bit of an internal struggle about not buying 10 vintage watches and 20 old cameras… If you have a lot of time for hunting, and a lot of extra space in your luggage when you visit Lisbon – go check it out and go crazy!



I must say I do like a ceiling full of colorful buckets!




There are some proper shops in the market as well – by proper I mean shops you walk into and pay at a cashier…




If only I had a place in Lisbon – or enough room to pack these lovely pink pieces of greatness with me back home… I would want it all, the chairs, the bed, the bedside table, the dresser – EVERYTHING!

Our Favorite Look-Out Point

Me and the H found our favorite look-out point in the city – there are tons of them – but for us the perfect spot was the Jardim de S. Pedro de Alcântara… We could walk up behind where we were living – there was this perfect little garden patch with the most amazing view of Lisbon. It had a lovely tiny bar in the corner, so you could hide under the trees – enjoying some shade whilst sipping on a perfectly made mojito…



Bairro Alto

As the last stop in this post – I’ll share some images from the famous Bairro Alto.








Lisbon has quickly made its way to my top 4 cities list. I am already dreaming of going back. . . Hope you enjoyed the pretty image heavy post…

all images by me




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