Since it’s the start of a new week – why not kick it off with a ton of random inspiration?! Oh and there is a new travel post coming up – on the beautiful Aveiro. . . Just working on the finishing touches.

Now back to the unorganised love of visual inspiration! Because we all deserve it on a long Tuesday… I am heading back to work tomorrow, and I won’t be surfacing till friday – so I have some ready-made greatness lined up – just hoping I’ll get the chance to post one or two of them!

Today – I think I’ll try to keep some sort of focus to it all – but not too narrow – so let’s go for the theme of “interior”. . . Which means I’ll have to find use of those amazing images of gowns and other greatness at some other time – goodie!

I am in love with everything here, the texture of the fabric, the little pop of cord down in the corner and that lamp fixture – need it! unknown source

This is absolute perfection! Simplicity at its most crowded… via

Hello there amazing loaf pan! You want a place to stay? You can come live with me for free, if I get to use you once in a vile! via

I see two things I am craving right now in this image – you might have guessed it – the Moroccan wedding blanket and the pineapple… If someone would get me those two then I’d be pretty pleased – not the worst person in the world to keep happy… via

Add this amazing surfboard to the list of things that would make me crazy happy right now… Do not know where I would put this – does not mean I don’t want it though! via

Hello rustic – want the skull – would look great on my wall… via

Makes me want breakfast in bed – asap! I don’t care if it is 9 in the evening! via

Remember – always share your home with some fresh flowers!  via

This amazingly cool summer-house kinda reminds me of a cool doll house… via

Hello haptic chair! via

Still very much in love with that amazing skull by Acne Kids… But then again, who isn’t? via

Oh what a lovely home to enter! via

That’s it for my top-of-the-morning pinterest rant! It is not even 8 in the morning over here… Oh I feel like a drowsy early bird special!




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