Since it has been a vile since I have shared one of my total inspiration rants with you – today feels perfect – I need to throw some visual input around! And this time it is followed by a mini playlist of the songs I cannot stop listening to these days – I am having one of those months where I cannot stop looking for new bands, new songs to make me dance, to make my cry, to make me lose track of everything going on around me.

The Visual Input

I love the cuteness of these flats! via

I absolutely love the absolute cuteness brought by this beagle! via

I love the idea of what just a fraction of this would do to my home! via

I am falling in love with this cuff & timepiece combo! via

I love how much I love this potted wall! via

I love this image – and just realized I might end up on team body paint now… If it is done like this that is! via

In love with this image… Why? Because this is the kind of image that makes me want to up and leave, travel, run away – even though I do not know where this is – I know I’d love to figure out! via

I love a good seagull photo – but then again – who doesn’t? via

I love how organized some people are – and I also love those kicks! via

I absolutely love how over the top this gown is yet it looks so easy to wear, light as a feather… Oh hello illusionist dress – I want to wrap myself in you! unknown source

I love how this makes me think “welcome to heaven” and also “can I sleep there?” via

I love everything about this; hello, the colour of the hair is perfection and then there is the top knot of a lifetime happening there… I am amazed! via

I love how this actually makes me want to treat myself – need to get this! via

I love pink perfection – and you know it! via

I love how this makes me want to shine a little bit more in my day-to-day life! via

I love how beyond awesome this wedding collection is – want it! via

I love how this makes me want to become a baking woman – and a woman who goes raw! via

The Musical Input

Have a brilliant night and a shamazing tomorrow!


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