I came across a wedding that not only deserves to be shared, it needs to! Found this treat over at Rock’n’RollBride – and this wedding is basically a mix between dinosaurs, zombies and ghosts, oh and of course there is a gorgeous burlesque dancer doing her thing… I know it sounds pretty insane, but let me tell you it is insane in the best of ways. This is an absolute feast for the eyes, the mind and the soul! I have gathered some of my favorite shots from the day so I could share it with you, enjoy!

The wedding is shot by Assassynation, and once again you can check out the rest of the photos here.




    • designtrolls

      That is odd . . . When I test it in my browser they all show – but check out the links : ) And you will see it – that is the most important thing, no doubt about it!

    • designtrolls

      Hi! I do not know why the images wont show, need to figure that one out… It had to be shared though, one of the most amazing weddings I’ve come across, thank you for creating a wedding beyond awesome!

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