So… I have been thinking a bit about the coolness of an industrial looking wedding… A friend of mine was talking about it the other day, how she is considering a more industrial feel to her wedding and she wanted a bit of ideas and advice…So this is basically for her – my friend with a dream about a not so traditional industrial warehouse wedding… Hope she gets her dream, and I get to help her fulfill it! To me there is an almost rustic charm to an industrial wedding, there is something incredibly cosy about what would seem hard to make cozy (for example a warehouse)… Here is some of the inspiration I’ve been gathering for my friend, hope it is just as enjoyable for you as it will be for her!

The Industrial Bride & Groom

To me a bride that goes for an industrial/warehouse wedding can get away with almost anything – the same basically counts for the groom… I must say I would steer away from the ball gown style and the to laced out ones – I am thinking minimalism at its best… It could also be with a vintage flair or a crazy golden gown – because to me – if you choose to go for a warehouse for your wedding – out with the rulebook in with the creative mindset! For the groom I would probably go for something simple – probably black or grey – with a dash of quirky – but hey, that’s just me!


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The Industrial Tablescape

When it comes to the table setting – I have one thing to say (or maybe a few);

keep it simple, keep it natural, keep it charming, keep it rustic – save the fancy pansy for later!


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The Industrial Flowers

To me, this is just another area to let your creativity run completely wild… Base your choices in your colour pallet, and build around it with complimentary colours and maybe some aspects from nature, like berries (image 1) or moss… Also you could choose to be more creative in your choice of floral display like image 2, where the floral composition is hung from the ceiling. Or how about going for a multi coloured creation scattered around – like image 6?


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The Industrial Stationary

Here I am thinking; keep it simple, keep it cool. . . Maybe play around with some pops of colour to bring a punch of brightness or how about bringing in some graphic patterns? In image 5 they are both present, and it is looking good!


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The Industrial Ceremony

The ceremony space should be filled with lights, I am thinking candle lights, strings of fairy light, diy pendants hanging down… I must admit I adore the light letters in image nmr 1. I am also feeling like a backdrop full of creative flair would suit this setting more than anything – I am a great fan of the driftwood, the doors and the different paper fans – or you could just go for a simple background – like the exposed brick that came with the space!


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The Industrial Reception

For the reception I would carry on with the overload of light! Just look at these images which all displays great use of light to add to the reception space of an industrial warehouse kinda wedding. One of my favorites must be the glass boxed mounted on the wall to be used as shelves for greens and candle light… I want to do that in my home! Think I just have to – hallway project needs to be started.


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The Industrial Cake

When it comes to the cake I would suggest going for something down right simple and almost naked – if you get my drift… I feel like that is what an industrial styled wedding is about – stripping it down and making it fabulous from there on out! I am imagining simple sweet tables, with vintage and galvanized trays for serving – like in picture 2 & 5. Or you can go for a bit of a modern twist, pulling in geometric shapes and symbols – like a geometric pattern across your cake or maybe a chevron cake?


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So tell me – is the industrial way the way for you?




  1. dollymixanddinosaurs

    I love that industrial look, nine inch nails would be my band of choice, I also love the blackberry bouquet in the pics, that’s really unusual. I will go and pick some blackberries and put them in a vase as well as making some blackberry brandy for christmas this weekend!

    • designtrolls

      Thank you for the comment. I am also in love with the blackberry bouquet – but I’ve never seen them growing around where I live (might have something to do with the fact that I live in the middle of a city)… The blackberry brandy sounds pretty amazing though, wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of that! +M+

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