Another trend I can work with is the box clutch. I must admit I am craving a few box clutches – like the Box Office Pandora bag by Charlotte Olympia or the Cinema City Samira by Kate Spade (do I sniff a film theme here? Yes I love my cinema!)

This clutch is also high on my to-get-list – ace it! The clutch is by  Uriana Gazellivia

Then we have the ultimate box clutch indulgence – the Alexander McQueen skull box clutches… If I could have it my way, I would be collecting these! via


How about this Stella McCartney creation? I know I’m obsessing over it! via

Here we go again – I would like one in each colour! via

Oh hello gorgeous – this might just be perfection – no? Go Valentino! via


Gorgeous – might be a new favorite this one! Also craving that Lanvin neck piece there… via

More McQueen greatness! via

Oh hello Lanvin! via

I don’t mind a bit of kitty cat… via

I absolutely adore this bag – image via 



So, are you gonna box it up?


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