Efficiency seems to be my key word these days… I am trying to get a new project up and running, and it is a pretty big one – so it seems not only all-consuming and daunting – but also at times it feels like I am moving too slow. I feel like I wake up when the H leaves the house in the morning and clock in what could be seen as a normal day at the office – only in our spare room – now my not so organized workspace… But most of the time I end up feeling like I haven’t gotten the results I would like in the time I feel like I have used. So what’s a girl to do? Research! After scouring the internet for hours, going search word crazy on pinterest and other nifty sites I have decided to do a couple of things:

Get Organized 

Get Pedantic

& last but not least

Get Efficient

When it is all black and white – and all black on white – it seems pretty simple. Then I realized; to get organized I would need places to organize what would need organizing, to get pedantic I would need a regime to halt the crazy in me when it gets a bit to antsy and to get efficient I would need to become a day-to-day planner. The places to organize things is basically the fact that I need more storage – and I will get to dat in due time – I am as some of you might have catched up on before a strong believer in the motto “a girl cannot get enough storage space”. I like minimalist living, but when it comes to an office that could get a bit harder. Can’t burn papers just because I don’t have a spot for it. Get pedantic – well that is just a word used because my language is lacking a bit tonight, but it is quite spot on – it is all about harnessing the impulsivity to change direction every 2 minutes. And efficiency is key – so I can feel that I am actually producing at the pace I feel right with the time I use.

So what have I done this far?

The main thing that has changed my way of working on a day-to-day basis is the fact that I’ve started using WorkFlowy – this site is probably a lifesaver for me! I am a creator of lists, and I need to be, to keep the wheels turning as I work on this new project. But this basically keeps all my lists on one piece of paper – perfectly organized! So no more “oh crap, where did I put that piece of paper” – I have actually ended up realizing that I have done a lot more than I thought, suddenly I am crossing things of my lists I forgot was on the list in the first place. So for other writers of lists out there that havent had the joy of working with WorkFlowy, go try it out! Amazeballs!

I have also spent a lot of my time lately creating day-to-day and week-to-week planners for myself, like a day-to-day timesheet – just to see if this changes the way I work…

So now I am ready to do a behavioral study on myself, will I become more efficient by organizing my day-to-day life? I feel like I can answer that question already, since it seems like I am stating the obvious. But maybe I am odder than I thought and I’ll end up getting even more impulsive!

Anyone got some great organizing and efficiency tips lined up for me? I am all ears over here! {and just a tiny bit eyes}

And I know – it wouldn’t be one of my posts if I didn’t throw some visual input your way, so here are some of my favorite things from today:

These lovely bowls via Neest

These gold napkin rings via West Elm

This great packaging via inhauspress. If anyone is looking for some great stationary – look no further!

These great bridesmaids dresses from Kate Spade, image via Style Me Pretty.

This awesome lighting situation at The Whale Wins in Seattle, image viafeel like this is a place I need to go if our dream trip to The Pacific Northwest happens. Oh wait, I’ll add it to my travel list in WordFlowy! {yes I love my lists just a tiny bit too much, but I am honest about my faults}



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