I’ve had a long weekend or actually a long week at work – and finally I am back home. In the lack of words to share I do my usual thing and share visual inspiration instead! So here is a fragment of what inspires me these days – enjoy…

These images of what seems like a perfect night.

This amazing Valentino couture dress…

This amazing backdrop, making me want to put more effort into throwing parties.

This drink I want to sip all through winter…

This idea of making christmas simple…

This amazing invitation suite.

This insanely amazing Tibi skirt – which I crave more than anything right now.

This brilliant bedroom.

This shamazing combination of nude and orange.

These nails.

This beyond amazing wrapping paper.

This bathroom.

This feeling…

This Vivienne Westwood inspired wedding.

This amazing home – which seems like a perfect place to live…

This silky number.

This skull in all its greatness.

This colour pallet.

This cake – I really want to give this one a go for christmas.

This shower.

This image of great paleness.


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