And I’m back! For some reason time seems to pass like lightning these days, may be because of the lack of sunlight – or maybe I’ve just got more on my plate than usual? This year, as every year, I haven’t even had the time to consider what to get friends and family for christmas. I’m getting on it this weekend, I have promised myself that… I love giving gifts, and I try my hardest to make every gift a personal one. Which means I do my best to put as much effort into gathering ideas, hunting for the right thing etc. Then comes the wrapping of the gift. I really enjoy putting a lot of heart into wrapping gifts for people, maybe it is because I am a fan of the aesthetical things in life, maybe it’s because it’s about handing over something personal or maybe it is all about giving myself more things to do when I’m on my week off work? Who knows? Anyways, I have gathered up a bundle of visual aid to help me through the wrapping process this year! 

For the monochromatic, via

For the animal lover, via

For the dads, via

For the simple answer, via

For the one that recycles, via

For the mothers and grandmothers, via

For the vegetarian, via

For the hipster, via

For the christmasy one, via

For the manly men, via

For the traveler, via

For the baby boy, via

For the colourful one, via

For the monochromatic, via

For the cat-lover, via

For the little ones, via

So, are you a wrapper?



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