Hello there, hello 2014!

I have had a busy few weeks – been a brilliant combo of holiday fun and work… But now I’m back, I’m back in our tiny flat trying to figure out what I want from the new year… I must admit, I am no fan of new years resolutions, mostly because people seem to put them selves up to fail 80% of the time. Aiming to change big things within their own personal lives, like a crash diet or maybe a full-on-stop on smoking. So I’m trying to go a different way this year, I am going to create a list of goals I wish I can accomplish, and fill it in with tiny bits of easy-to-do items… So here is some inspiration for the new year:

1. Photography

I am hoping my ideas and my photography work related hardship leads to something great. As simple as that. Here are a few shots from the holidays.

2. The Home

Since I have a job that basically gives me  one week of free-time after a shift I spend a lot of time in the home… And I want to make it feel as much as a home as possible – so my current work to fix everything to the point of M perfection is going to carry on… At the top of my list is new sofas, fix the office bit to perfection and the dining area…




unknown source

3. Travel 

I am a wanderer at heart, but to be honest I wander to little! So on my great to do list is to not just dream of travelling, and get out there and travel. At the top of the list is a photography rampage in the US.





4. The Juice

I got an amazing juicer this Christmas, over the top happy about it… So I’m on the juice! I am doing my best to see if I can cover almost all of my vitamin needs naturally – and common – what tastes better than the perfectly freshly pressed glass of juice. My current favorite contains a mix of oranges, grapefruit, beets, red cabbage, lemon and spinach… Oh and maybe a couple of carrots in there as well.





I could probably go on for days with this – but I’ll stick to the four for now!

Happy New Year



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